Schools in the UK are now requiring children to wear face masks during breaks / lunch, this means that for an average sized school there are potentially 500 - 1000 face masks at any one time.

Kids will be kids, and items get lost or swapped with somebody else - it's inevitable.

We often don't think twice about writing our children's name in their school blazer, jumper and trousers, but often forget about the smaller items.

What was once an enjoyable lunch break where "tig" would be played, is now a different world where social distancing is a must at all times.

The importance of personal space, and the importance of ensuring your child is not accidentally wearing their friends face mask by mistake is paramount to their safety.

How can we help?

Face mask transfers are the perfect solution to ensure that your children's face mask remains their own.  Just like putting a child's name inside their new leather shoes - making sure your child is wearing their own face mask not only protects your child - but also protects other children who may accidentally wear it.

Cost: 56p!

We make and sell iron on face mask transfers, yes we have 500+ different designs - but we also have a range of single letters from only 2cm in height, meaning you can add your child's initials to their face mask easily and quickly, enabling them to ensure the mask they are wearing is their own.

Plain Face Masks ONLY - School Policy

If your child's school is anything like ours, they have a strict policy stating

"face masks must not contain any design and must be a solid colour"

No problem at all!  Our face mask iron on transfers will work on any cotton / polyester material meaning you just iron the letters on the reverse of the mask!

Are your transfers permanent?

Our face mask transfer material is the same used in many commercial & sports shops, this means that if applied correctly will survive a wash up to 40 degrees without any problems at all.

Please be sure not to tumble dry though - the high heat could actually damage the transfers - so it's best to let them dry above a radiator.

How fast is delivery?

We make and sell transfers Monday - Friday, so orders placed today would be made the next working day by 1st class post.

We have a full set of instructions over at: